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A new NBC television series sees Donnie playing an L.A. Detective by the name of Joel this fall in what we are told is a Pulp Fiction type streetwise drama.-06/15/02


The team from Southie is rumored to be back in action! Director John Shea has brought together Donnie Wahlberg and Rose McGowan a second time (first time the trio worked together was in Southie). The Junkie Priest is the story of a franciscan monk (Donnie) who breaks the rules and secretly starts the first halfway house for hookers in NY. -02/12/02


Filming in British Columbia (Canada) the movie based on horror novelist Stephen King's book by the same name "Dreamcather" is scheduled for release February 7th 2003 see the official site at -06/15/02


-Murder is a Dying Profession- is what they say when one of a pair of hired killers switches places with one of a pair conmen in the name of love. This film has been completed and reviewed as a must see. What we would like to know is where it is available! We'll keep ya posted -06/15/02

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