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Donnie's Den


Sometimes as the webmaster of Donnie's Den I get lucky and receive promotional material for Donnie's up coming projects. When this happens, I share with you! At the moment there are no new contests but check back soon (you never know!). Congratulations to all 11 winners of past Donnie's Den contests!

Donnie's Den held a contest for summer 1999. The first 10 entries with the answer to what was the name of the character Donnie played in the film SOUTHIE. won a copy of the "Improper Bostonian" magazine which features an interview as well as recent pictures of Donnie!

** CONGRATULATIONS REBECCA ROOD ** Donnie's Den held a contest for 4 tickets to see Southie's AFI Screening. Our Winner was Rebecca Rood!!! Not only was Rebecca invited to the screening BUT because she was traveling so FAR we got her invited to the SOUTHIE AFTER PARTY!!!



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