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Filming in British Columbia (Canada), Donnie's first project of 2002 is a role in the movie for horror novelist Stephen King's book by the same name "Dreamcather". Dreamcatcher is the tale of four young men on a hunting trip in the desolate Jefferson Tract of Northern Maine (USA). The four childhood friends find themsleves in the middle of an alien invasion. 01/19/02


Filming in Toronto,Canada since the end of April, Triggermen is Donnie's newest movie project-more to follow as I get it! 06/18/01


Donnie has a new television series on CBS check out the details on our television page

DIAMOND MEN (a.k.a. Altoona Riding Club)

Well, they went and changed the title on us! But it actually does sound a lot more interesting doesn't it? Diamond Men has won it's first award! Robert Forster who plays a travelling Diamond Salesman who is forced into passing on his trade to his replacement a young player (Donnie's Character) due to his failing health won an acting award at the Hamptons International Film Festival 2000! (11/14/00)


I just received an e-mail confirmation today (BBC Information Online) that the British Broadcast Corporation has bought the UK rights to BAND OF BROTHERS and will feature it in Autumn 2001. Check out the "Television" page for more updates!(08/30/00)


Bullfighter will screen at the Avignon Film Festival (France) June 22-27. And at SITGES the big Fantasy Film Festival in Spain October 4-12, 2000.


Gayle Fee & Laura Raposa report in the Boston Herald's Inside Track that our Dorchester homeboy has become a regular Tinseltown titan! Among the great news of Band of Brothers and ABC's The Practice they give us the scoop on Donnie's new Restaurant scheduled to open early this summer! Previously the Howard Johnson's in Canton,MA a brand new renovated casual-dining spot with take away café Doodads will tempt your tastebuds!

***Check out our new Television page for info on The Practice and Band of Brothers***

Purgatory the TNT film featuring Donnie as an outlaw cowboy caught between two realms will be made available for sale online and in video stores March 28th, 2000.

New News about SOUTHIE details on the Southie page!

(Donnie Wahlberg & Glenn Phillips/photo by Jaime Migley)
Donnie has a new movie currently in production called the Altoona Riding Club the plot as outlined on the Internet movie database is of a seasonned salesman who must mentor his young successor. The above picture makes me wonder just what kind of salesman we are taking about? Keep an eye out for this new movie and check back for details as I get them! 99/08/17.

The Sixth Sense is out in theaters everywhere. An excellent thriller that keeps your mouth open in disbelief the whole way thru. Donnie's performance is completly mind boggleing! He is unrecongnizable {to the untrained eye}. Let us know what YOU think sign the guestbook.


sixthsense2.jpg (40548 bytes)

The release date for THE SIXTH SENSE has been moved up to August 6th, 1999!


(Above Portrait by: Challenge Roddie/LaMoine, scanned from newsprint: Improper Bostonian May 5-18, 1999)

Southie exploded into theaters with a huge impact on May 26th with an on invitation only premiere. Followed by a busy theater week-end that began on Friday May 28th in Boston. Will Southie hit your neighborhood next? That all depends on the success it has with its home audience in Boston. I have no doubt that we will see it soon! SOUTHIE has been extremely popular at every venue so far! Check out what the media had to say:

BOSTON HERALD (Friday May 28th, 1999 pg.S5) *** "Some powerful performances give "Southie" an electric charge, especially by the leading man Donnie Wahlberg" by: James Verniere.

BOSTON GLOBE (Friday May 28th, 1999 pg.D5) ..."the actors bring to their roles the kind of rightness that can't be learned in acting school." "Wahlberg succeeds in making us feel that Danny's internal struggle counts for more than the inevitable tough-guy face offs."..."juicy acting and intense individual and communal commitment that seems to boil up from the streets carry "Southie" past its structural and technical limitations". by: Jay Carr


A Milleniun Western --Bullfighter is the story of a wanderer in 21st century Mexico, who falls into the role of protector for his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Written and Directed by Rune Bendixon BULLFIGHTER is being filmed in Texas and Mexico this month. The IMDB has this movie listed as a Comedy. Donnie plays the role of Chollo. More to follow as I get it...


The Sixth Sense (Buena Vista) is scheduled for release September 10th, 1999! - for more information on this movie please see ARCHIVES and visit Corona Productions from our LINKS page. -Goldelox


Southie will be screened at the 14th Annual Dublin Film Festival on Saturday April 17th at 6:25 pm. The Venue is Virgin Cinemas (theater no. 6). You can contact them for futher info at: Virgin Cinemas, Parnell Centre, Parnell St., D1 01-872 8444 Be sure to visit the Festivals official website at then Southie available from the LINKS page about the Southie after party which may have John Shea and Donnie Wahlberg in attendance!

donnie02.gif (7784 bytes)


Do you want to see SOUTHIE? Let em' know! Lion's Gate Films Fax: 323-692-7373 Email: q& Regular Mail: Tom Ortenberg Lions Gate Films 5750 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036


Donnie came out to show his support for friend and former band member Joe McIntyre at the Bowery Ballroom Friday January 22nd. Joe put on a great show for 500 adoring fans!!! Check out his official websites at and (P.S. To: Scott, Larry & Pooky hope to see you guys again soon From: the Montréal Girls)


Hi Everyone! How do you like the new look of Donnie's Den for 1999? The year has just begun and Donnie's new projects are in full swing! SOUTHIE finally got a distributer! So we may see the film out as early as St-Patrick's Day!!!

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Also, this January we saw Purgatory a TNT movie original featuring Donnie Wahlberg which got great reviews! This was Donnie's second movie with TNT, the first one Butter a.k.a. Never Too Big is now available in video stores.

tntlogo.gif (1260 bytes)      purgatory.jpg (42983 bytes)

Congratulations Donnie!

And thank you to everyone who visits Donnie's Den, It's just the beginning y'all so hold on tight!


Donnie was chatting in ET-Online october 23rd. He was on for approx. 30-40 minutes and answered quite a few questions. He says that there have been talks with a distributer that may lead to... A ST-PATRICK's day release of SOUTHIE!!! SOUTHIE has already won Best American Independant Film at the Seattle film festival and made history at the New Visions festival with the largest crowd ever!!!

Hit this link for a transcript of the CHAT


Director/Screenwriter: M. N. Shyamalan (script bought by Disney)

Starring: Bruce Willis (Malcolm Crowe) Joel Osement (Cole Sear) Donnie Wahlberg (Vincent Gray)

Storyline: Child psychologist Malcolm Crowe is having trouble dealing with the memory of an awful tragedy in his life. Reculantly, he takes on a new patient, eight- year- old Cole Sear who shows the classic signs of mental abuse; withdrawn, tempermental but most of all seemingly traumatized by public places. By helping this child Crowe is sent into Cole's supernatural world which makes him question his view of REALITY.

Filmimg is taking place in Philadephia and began sept 21st. Donnie's role is said to be small but extremely important to the storyline he is featured shortly into the film. His scenes are said to be shot in mid-october.

*source of this info: Corona Productions, Coming Attractions.


TNT MOVIE BUTTER OUT ON CANADA'S VIDEOSTORE SHELVES!!! Movie Butter featuring Donnie Wahlberg is now on Canada's videostore shelves as "NEVER TOO BIG" -Goldelox 12/04/98

Donnie's Movie BODYCOUNT (do not confuse with the Bodycount featuring Ice T), is in video stores everywhere- Donnie's Den 10/30/98


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